On-demand Webinar

Introducing the New ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Citation Index

April Ellsey
Director - Product Management
Andy Neale
Partnerships Manager

The webinar explores how the latest integration between Clarivate and ProQuest offers researchers unparalleled, more comprehensive insights into the research landscape.

Our panel discusses how this new solution:

  • Can maximize the results of limited research time by providing a comprehensive research experience where faculty and students can browse abstracts of early career research alongside records for journal articles, conference papers, preprints and other scholarly sources within a single platform.
  • Streamlines research in the Web of Science™ by delivering direct linking to the 3.2M full text records (a wealth of quality scholarship not discoverable in other scholarly sources) available in PQDT Global for mutual subscribers.

In addition, in this session you will:

  • Discover why Web of Science users value dissertations.
  • Learn how to claim your dissertation/thesis to your Web of Science Researcher Profile to make your work more visible.
  • Explore how this integration can amplify the global reach of your institution’s graduate research included in PQDT Global.