On-demand Webinar

Impact of Humira biosimilars on the US market

Michael Ward
Global Head of Life Sciences & Healthcare Thought Leadership
Hamzah Aideed
Senior Manager, Healthcare Research & Data Analytics, Biosimilars
Dr. William Soliman
Founder & CEO, Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA)

On January 3rd 2023 a key US patent covering Humira adalimumab, the world’s best-selling drug expired. The first biosimilar competitor launched on day 1 of the expiry (Amjevita) and there are already at least 7 others waiting to enter the US market. Having already seen the impact that adalimumab biosimilars have had on Humira sales since the European expiry, this webinar will look at potential implications for both biologics and biosimilars developers in the US market.

Looking at 1st quarter results we will dive into the following questions:

  • What impact is this going to have on the US healthcare system?
  • Will more patients benefit as a result and will biosimilars save the system more money?
  • What can be drawn from the European picture by looking at the erosion on Abbvie?
  • What strategies are biosimilar companies introducing to capture market share?
  • What is Abbvie having to do to protect its position?
  • What can other biologics and biosimilars developers learn from this?
  • How is this affecting clinician prescribing and switching behaviors?