On-demand Webinar

Harnessing AI and machine learning for healthcare tools and treatments

Mike Ward
Global Head of Life Sciences & Healthcare Thought Leadership
Friso Postma, Ph.D.
VP AI Drug Discovery
Simon Arkell
Wensheng Fan
Chief Innovation Strategist and Senior Advisor
Spectral AI

How companies can benefit from employing AI/ML techniques across the drug discovery, development and delivery life-cycle

AI and machine learning are swiftly being integrated into many industries and aspects of life. For drug and device companies, these technologies offer tremendous promise for delivering new treatments, interventions and diagnostics to patients faster and cheaper. However, the learning curve can be steep – not just for pharmas and medtechs, but for regulators and other stakeholders as well. This panel explores the potential impact of AI and machine learning on providing better health outcomes for patients – and the challenges that must be overcome to realize them.

Expert participants will explore questions including:

  • Where is the low-hanging fruit for the use of AI/ML in the life sciences?
  • What are the challenges for pharmas and medtechs in utilizing these technologies?
  • What is the potential of AI/ML to improve the economics of drug and device R&D?
  • Are regulators in a position to assess the products of AI/ML? Are they keeping up with the technology?
  • What are the milestones that will tell us if life science companies are on track in their adoption of AI and ML in 2024?

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