Exploring diabetes management patterns in Europe

The global burden of diabetes mellitus is staggering, affecting millions of individuals worldwide. This illness has far-reaching consequences not just for patients but also for healthcare systems, particularly in industrialized nations where diabetes is one of the most expensive chronic diseases.

Considering that individuals with diabetes often experience little or no symptoms prior to treatment initiation, the presence of medication side effects can discourage adherence to the prescribed regimens. Clarivate analysis shows 25% decrease in compliance following the initial diabetes treatment prescription. This rate declines even further, dropping to less than half after the fifth prescription. Poor compliance with medication regimens compromises glycaemic control and increases the risk of complications associated with diabetes.

In this report, Clarivate experts examine the unique challenges associated with managing diabetes in the European market, emphasizing how critical it is to have a detailed understanding of the burden of disease, patient demographics, and dispensing trends in pharmacies. By exploring these aspects, the report highlights key insights on patient attrition, co-prescription trends, and the overall distribution of medications in pharmacies derived from Clarivate Patient Data Intelligence.

Key takeaways:

  • Tailoring interventions based on demographics, prevalence rates, patient attrition, and co-prescription practices can enhance diabetes management outcomes.
  • Improving treatment adherence and mitigating medication side effects should be a priority for healthcare systems.
  • Equitable access to care, prevention strategies, and the adoption of innovative solutions can mitigate the burden of diabetes on individuals and society.

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