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Explore Advanced Insights with Cortellis Generics Intelligence

Powerful insights in the dynamic landscape of the generic pharmaceutical industry

Dr. Reena Vijayaraghavan
Senior Business Solution Consultant

In the dynamic landscape of the generic pharmaceutical industry in India, leveraging tools like Cortellis Generics Intelligence (CGI) becomes imperative for staying ahead of the competition. This powerful platform offers quick and comprehensive insights, enabling users to anticipate generic launches, track competitor drugs, identify ongoing extensions, and assess API manufacturers efficiently.

Here are three questions you can address swiftly using Cortellis Generics Intelligence:

  • Anticipate Generic Launches: How can Cortellis Generics Intelligence (CGI) assist in predicting upcoming generic launches for both your products and those of your competitors, including insights on any ongoing patent extensions?
  • Identify Reliable API Manufacturers: In the complex web of API manufacturing, how does Cortellis Generics Intelligence provide a reliable and swift method to identify trustworthy API manufacturers?
  • Evaluate Generic Launches in Target Markets: For your strategic planning, how can Cortellis Generics Intelligence help us swiftly evaluate generic launches in markets of interest, providing valuable insights for your business decisions?