On-demand Webinar

Evidence Based Acquisition in Rialto

Kara Kohn
Content & Workflow Strategy Consultant

Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) is a popular model among academic libraries who wish to build their collections based on usage data while sticking to a pre-defined budget. In this session, you will learn how Rialto can help your library efficiently manage an EBA program and collaborate on selections within your existing Rialto workflow.

View this recording for a demonstration of how EBA works in Rialto, including:

  • How to monitor your EBA pool, make early selections, and track budget spend
  • Collaborating on selections with comments and pinning
  • Smart Selection and other tools to assist final selection
  • Program closure and ease of tracking purchases

At the end of this session, participants will learn how they can use Rialto to manage an EBA program efficiently and collaboratively.