On-demand Webinar

Developing collaborations that drive innovation

Ann Beynon
Lead Partnerships Manager
Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)
Laurel Thomas
International Research and Global Engagement Data Manager
University of South Florida

Insights for successful international collaborations and partnerships

International research collaboration is critical to many of the most important scientific findings. Just as the research landscape grows in complexity, the landscape of collaboration is continuously changing. How can you evolve your global collaboration strategy to support your research mission and increase successful outcomes?

Learn how Clarivate helped the University of South Florida (USF) build a comprehensive picture of their projects and partnerships abroad to encourage and develop their global collaborations and networks.

This webinar demonstrates how we can work with you using key bibliometric data from Web of Science™ and InCites™ to:

  • Uncover insights about the impact and reach of global collaborations
  • Engage with researchers, faculty, and the research office about current and future international partnerships and collaborations
  • Align global engagement goals with other offices to support strategic planning
  • Identify funding needs and opportunities

Download the case study: https://discover.clarivate.com/usf_global_engagement

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