A new paradigm: from docketing software to integrated IP Lifecycle Management

As the pace of innovation accelerates and intellectual property (IP) filing rates continue to increase, IP departments and law firms are being asked to do more with less, driving the need for automation and operational excellence.

Modern IP managers and attorneys need more than docket reports and asset counts. They need a central hub to get their work done efficiently, empowered by timely and relevant insights to make better decisions for their IP portfolio and their business.

At Clarivate, we see this as a tremendous opportunity to transform a product category viewed by many decision-makers as an isolated piece of software that takes a lot of effort to keep current and provides limited strategic value in return. We are redefining this perspective by shifting from a docketing-centric mindset to an integrated IP Lifecycle Management paradigm – from data entry to data-driven, from static reports to deep insights and from a system of record to a productivity suite.

Read the report now to learn how Clarivate is bringing together IP management functionality, data and insights, and connected services to deliver an integrated IP Lifecycle Management platform.