Ex Libris Accessibility

Ex Libris, a part of Clarivate, is committed to providing an experience that is fully accessible to everyone. Please select the links below for additional information for each product:

360 Core

360 Core Accessibility Conformance Report (VPAT 2.2 & WCAG)
360 Core EJP Accessibility Statement
360 Core EJP Accessibility Conformance Report
360 Core Accessibility Statement

360 KB

360 KB Accessibility

360 Link

360 Link Accessibility Statement
360 Link Accessibility Conformance Report (VPAT 2.2 & WCAG)


Aleph Accessibility


Alma Accessibility Statement
Alma Accessibility Conformance Report (VPAT 2.4 & WCAG 2.1)


campusM Accessibility Statement
campusM Accessibility Conformance Report – iOS (VPAT 2.3 & WCAG)
campusM Accessibility Conformance Report – Android (VPAT 2.3 & WCAG)
campusM Accessibility Conformance Report – Web (VPAT 2.3 & WCAG)


Esploro Accessibility Statement
Esploro Portal Accessibility Conformance Report (VPAT/WCAG)
Esploro Profiles Accessibility Conformance Report (VPAT/WCAG)


Intota Accessibility Statement.
Intota Accessibility


Leganto Accessibility Statement
Leganto Accessibility Conformance Report (VPAT 2.4 & WCAG)


MetaLib Accessibility


Pivot Accessibility Statement
Pivot Accessibility Conformance Report (VPAT 2.3 & WCAG)

Primo and Primo VE

Primo Accessibility Statement
Accessibility Compliance Report (VPAT 2.4 and WCAG)


RapidILL Conformance Report(VPAT 2.4)


RefWorks Accessibility Statement
RefWorks Accessibility Conformance Report(VPAT 2.4 & WCAG)


SFX Conformance Report (VPAT 2.1)


Summon Accessibility Statement
Summon Accessibility Conformance Report (VPAT 2.3 & WCAG)


Ulrich’s Accessibility Statement
Ulrich’s Accessibility Conformance Report (VPAT 2.4 & WCAG)


Voyager Accessibility

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