Highly Cited Researchers

Highly Cited Researchers have demonstrated significant and broad influence reflected in their publication of multiple highly cited papers over the last decade.

These highly cited papers rank in the top 1% by citations for a field or fields and publication year in the Web of Science™.

Of the world’s population of scientists and social scientists, Highly Cited Researchers™ are 1 in 1,000.

6,938Highly Cited Researchers in 2022

2022 Analysis

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Full Name Category Primary Affiliation Secondary Affiliations
Spedding, Michael
Spedding, Michael Pharmacology and Toxicology Servier, France View Profile
Spyker, Daniel A.
Spyker, Daniel A. Pharmacology and Toxicology Oregon Health & Science University, United States Claim profile
Stein, Charles M.
Stein, Charles M. Pharmacology and Toxicology Vanderbilt University, United States Claim profile
Stevens, Raymond C.
Stevens, Raymond C. Pharmacology and Toxicology University of Southern California, United States View Profile
Storm, Gert
Storm, Gert Pharmacology and Toxicology Utrecht University, Netherlands National University of Singapore, Singapore View Profile
Swen, Jesse J.
Swen, Jesse J. Pharmacology and Toxicology Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), Netherlands Leiden University, Netherlands View Profile
Szabo, Csaba
Szabo, Csaba Pharmacology and Toxicology University of Fribourg, Switzerland View Profile
Thomas, Russell S.
Thomas, Russell S. Pharmacology and Toxicology United States Environmental Protection Agency, United States Claim profile
Torchilin, Vladimir P.
Torchilin, Vladimir P. Pharmacology and Toxicology Northeastern University, United States Claim profile
Trenfield, Sarah J.
Trenfield, Sarah J. Pharmacology and Toxicology University College London, United Kingdom View Profile