Creating Drugs to Watch

The report showcases drugs entering the market in 2021 with potential to realize 1 billion USD annual sales within five years

Creating Drugs to Watch

Of all the drugs anticipated to launch in a given year, how are potential blockbusters selected?

Answering that question is both a science and an art. The data and analysis used to identify the Drugs to Watch drew from Clarivate life sciences solutions and integrated data sets that span the R&D and commercialization lifecycle as well as expert evaluation.

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To create an initial shortlist, we select drugs in phase 2 or phase 3 trials, at pre-registration or registration stage, or already launched early in 2021, including drugs launched for a new indication that could be particularly impactful on the industry. Drugs launched prior to 2021 were excluded.

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Then, we filter the list for drugs that are forecasted to reach at least $1 billion USD in 2025.

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Our experts then manually evaluated each drug in its individual context, based on: factors such as expected approval or launch dates, competitive landscape, regulatory status, trial results, market dynamics and other factors.

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Please note that Clarivate analysts generated the data shown in this report on January 21, 2021 and the data were correct as of that time.

COVID-19 vaccine landscape

This year’s Drugs to Watch also includes a special section on the COVID-19 vaccine landscape, which summarizes the vaccines that were granted emergency use authorizations/conditional approvals as of February 10, 2021.

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