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Your gateway to the world’s largest inventory of patent and trademark file histories online.

Search & order file histories

Get immediate access to the world’s largest inventory of patent and trademark file histories online.

Over 200,000 file histories are available for immediate download and include content exclusive to Clarivate Analytics.  Easy retrieval and bookmarks simplify navigation through our global network.


Why customers use Derwent file histories

Driving the market with new solutions

We provide full-service solutions to improve your workflows, save time and money, and let you search the most accurate file histories available.

The world’s largest in-house inventory of file histories

We are the premier provider of patent and trademark file histories with more than 220,000 files available for immediate download.

The most accurate file histories available

We index in a logical and intuitive manner – so you can quickly and easily find relevant content that matters to you.

Information available all in one platform

Patent file histories

Quickly access the largest, most comprehensive patent file histories for your prosecution, litigation, and research and development needs. With more than 200,000 files available for immediate download, and no limits to how far back they go, easily retrieve critical information – intelligently organized by our experts, distinctly bookmarked to simplify navigation. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology ensures the highest level of accuracy.


Patent downloads

Get patent publications and references – quickly and accurately. From the world’s largest collection of global patent data. Includes content from major patent authorities, specific nations and proprietary sources exclusive to Derwent.™

Non-patent literature

Access conference proceedings, journals, monographs and technical disclosure bulletins for your research and development. Get non-patent literature and other publications for your research, including:

  • conference proceedings
  • journals and serial publications
  • monographs
  • technical disclosure bulletins
  • US patent and trademark technical libraries
  • US patent file history archives
  • multiple online industry databases.

Collected by experienced USPTO Technical Library research specialists.

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