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Intellectual property is the global currency of business – to protect innovation now and build competitive advantage and commercial opportunities for the future.

Derwent empowers companies to innovate with intelligence.

Derwent solutions deliver the intelligence, insight, tools and resources to support your patent activity driving commercial success:

  • Assess and monitor the competitive landscape that impacts your business
  • Make informed patent decisions and protect your innovation
  • Build and maintain world class IP operations functions that
  • Build competitive advantage and enabling business opportunities now and in the future
To be the preferred chemical company… we need a comprehensive view of the innovation landscape to plan the way forward for our product development and partnering strategy.
Ch’ng Guan How
Ch’ng Guan How

Chief Innovation & Technology Officer,
Petronas Chemical Group

Corporate IP solutions from Derwent

Derwent Innovation

Built by IP experts and data scientists, Derwent Innovation is a market-leading patent research and analytics platform delivering access to globally trusted patents and scientific literature. Our enhanced content, proprietary search and data intelligence technology helps a global community of more than 40,000 innovators and legal professionals find answers to complex questions

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Derwent Data Analyzer

Using advanced data science algorithms, Derwent Data Analyzer™ is a desktop data-mining platform that converts patent data, scientific literature and your own business intelligence into actionable, commercial insight.  Through intuitive workflow processes and powerful visualization functions, users can then quickly understand and report on data analysis results with stakeholders.

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Derwent Data Feed/ Derwent API

Automation is critical for corporations who are engaging with data scientists to integrate, manipulate and analyze patent data. While other patent databases tend to be built around traditional, manual workflows, Derwent™ Data Feeds and APIs use machine learning and automation to improve efficiency. Our Smart Search server-based service improves accuracy, letting you find the patents most relevant to your search or analysis.

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Patent Search Services

Our search team delivers complete, thorough and accurate results to corporations and law firms around the world.  This level of intellectual capital is unrivalled – and is one of the many reasons why customers keep returning to Derwent for search projects that truly matter to their clients.

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Patent Analytics

The Derwent™ patent analytics team combines industry-leading enhanced data and powerful research and analysis tools with extensive industry knowledge and deep IP expertise to distill the essential information into reliable, digestible, decision-ready reports.

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Licensing & Litigation Solutions

Patent intelligence solutions that help support litigation matters and understanding licensing opportunities.

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Docketing & Prosecution Support Solutions

Tailored, scalable and specialized services to support your IP practice across the entire IP lifecycle. Tailored, scalable and specialized services to support your team across the entire IP lifecycle. Learn more about our comprehensive suite of project and permanent solutions:

Docketing support

Paralegal & Admin Support

Patent Prep & Prosecution Support


File Histories & Document Services

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