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CFN InsightTM: Journey mapping software that drives customer success

CFN Insight is the leader in journey mapping.

Journey mapping software is no longer just about producing a static snapshot of a customer journey. Journey mapping “2.0” takes a much broader approach by utilizing the journey map as a company-wide framework through which you can manage all touchpoints and ultimately make dramatic improvements to your customer experience.

Leader in Tech SpectrumTM for Customer Journey Mapping
Innovator Award for Customer Journey Mapping
Digital Innovation Award Finalist

Journey mapping so advanced, it acts as your CX workflow solution

Deeply understand and improve your customers’ journeys

CFN Insight™ is the most advanced SaaS-based journey mapping software on the market. It is so advanced, the Customer Journey Map is only the start of what you can do.

Want to understand your customers better? Want to improve retention and optimize the CX improvements that drive financial results?

CFN Insight™ is all about delivering a best-in-class customer experience

With CFN Insight™, you can identify every customer touchpoint, assign a business owner who is accountable for improving the appropriate metrics and success of their touchpoints, and who can manage the workflow of changing and improving your overall CX.

  • Understand your customer’s experience with your company and brand – highlighting strengths and immediate areas to improve
  • Communicate findings with your internal teams to drive actions and improvements
  • Leverage learnings and actions from maps to kick-start your CX or Customer Success program
  • Optimize your customer journey to shorten the buying cycle and reduce churn
  • Create exceptional customer experiences that link actions to improved financial results

Our journey mapping approach is unique and action-oriented

Combined with multiple touchpoint visualizations, action scorecards, and robust reporting, your business will be able to drive real action and change that leads to financial results.  We’ve seen the journey mapping process work astonishingly well, and we know CFN Insight™ will be the centerpiece of every customer-centric company’s CX improvement program.

  • Assign accountability using the Business Owner tab
  • Use the Actions tab to assign actions and metrics for Business Owners to complete
  • Create an Action Scorecard to manage all the progress on actions which improve your overall brand and customer experience
  • The software is highly intuitive, flexible, and easy to understand
  • To ensure your success, we also include CX training and expert CX consulting hours as part of the CFN Insight™ package
  • Based on 14 years of global experience and over 200 journey maps across 10+ industries

Benefits of journey mapping using CFN Insight

Higher retention

It is so much more productive and profitable to keep the customers you already have. CFN Insight enables you to identify and prioritize the customer pain points that quickly make a real difference in keeping your customers engaged and delighted.

Better ROI

Being able to assign owners to customer touchpoints makes all the difference. This drives accountability, action, and change which means the customer touchpoints and overall experience are constantly being optimized.

Higher conversions

Even before you acquire a customer, understanding and addressing where their pain points collide with their “moments of truth” will reduce sales friction, potentially leading to higher conversion rates at every touchpoint in the sales process.

Smarter decisions

With dozens of visualizations, map views, charts, scorecards, and reports, you and your executive team will have much better customer intelligence to make smarter and faster decisions in becoming a ‘Customers First’ business.

Focused culture

Utilizing the Journey Map as a framework for documenting customer experience data, as well as colleague collaboration, and corporate goals means the Journey Map becomes a critical business system for managing culture change.

Manage customer success

If your company values the customer experience it delivers – how are you measuring and managing CX improvements?  A customer-driven journey map framework like CFN Insight is by far the most effective method.

CFN Insights Demo

Watch this video to see how CFN Insights can work for you.

CFN Insight license options


  • 4 Authors
  • 20 Maps
  • 2 hours training/year
  • 2 hours consulting/year


  • 50 GB storage
  • Unlimited viewers
  • Daily backups
  • Next Day email, phone
  • Pre-built templates


  • 7 Authors
  • 40 Maps
  • 4 hours training/year
  • 4 hours consulting/year


  • 100 GB storage
  • Unlimited viewers
  • Daily backups
  • Same Day email, phone
  • Pre-built templates

Enterprise Standard

  • 10 Authors
  • Unlimited Maps
  • 6 hours training/year
  • 6 hours consulting/year


  • 150 GB storage
  • Unlimited viewers
  • Daily backups
  • Priority email, phone
  • Pre-built templates

Enterprise Premium

  • Unlimited Authors
  • Unlimited Maps
  • 9 hours training/year
  • 9 hours consulting/year


  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited viewers
  • Daily backups
  • Priority email, phone
  • Pre-built templates

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