Customer Experience (CX) Services

We help organizations implement CX and journey mapping programs that drive deeper customer insights.

Customers first.

Clarivate Customer Experience (CX) Services, formerly CustomersFirst Now, is created on the principle that all companies must place customers at the center of their business in order to be successful both operationally and financially. We help companies place customers first – and do so with a sense of urgency.

Every customer touchpoint is an opportunity to delight or disappoint a customer, so knowing what is working and not working for your customers is key to your success. Both B2B and B2C organizations who adopt our program see higher revenue, better retention rates and improved margins.

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of marketers expect customer experience to be their primary differentiator - Gartner

Journey map programs

Deeply understand and improve your customers’ journeys

Using our proven data-driven approach, we’ll help you identify the biggest drivers of churn and customer pain points to then develop actionable opportunities that drive financial and CX results.

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Journey mapping software

Award-winning software to manage customer journeys

CFN InsightTM  is the leader in customer journey mapping software with the most advanced visualizations, reporting, action scorecards, dashboards, and insights available.

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VOC and survey programs

Leverage your customer survey data

Whether you’re using Qualtrics, Medallia, or any other VOC technology, we will help you design best-practice surveys and incorporate text-based analytics for profound customer insights.

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Customer experience services

Over 15 years as a global leader in CX services and consulting

Transform into a ‘Customers-first’ business and culture through a custom designed CX implementation program delivered by highly experienced CX experts.

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Placing customers first: A five-step journey to customer delight

Driving measurable improvements in customer experience (CX)

Clarivate: The challenge: growth disrupts customer experience

To retain and expand existing customer relationships and attract new customers, the company needed to build a customer-centric model that focused first and foremost on delighting customers.

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