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To increase your chances of clinical success, you need to meticulously plan your trial to avoid costly protocol amendments, recruitment delays and trial failure.

Cortellis Clinical Trials Intelligence is a comprehensive resource to help you accelerate clinical trial planning including site selection, protocol design, biomarker identification and key competitive intelligence.

If you need a customized solution, our clinical consultants integrate hands on industry experience, unrivaled data science expertise, and advanced technology applications to provide you with the support you need to make confident clinical planning and strategy decisions.

Get detailed insights on clinical sites and trial protocols including biomarkers, targets and indications.

Fully searchable & indexed content

Support more informed development and operational decisions and monitor the competition using accurate, reliable data. Get fully searchable and indexed global clinical trial content that is curated by experienced industry analysts and covers protocol details such as biomarkers, endpoints, compounds, biologics, devices, inclusion/exclusion criteria and more as well as sites and investigators, including their history with enrollment, trial duration and working with specific patients, drug types and biomarkers.


"Cortellis provides us the coverage in the rare disease space we were looking for. {The} content enabled enrollment projections at the site level using the built-in analytics and enrollment data."

Information professional

global biotech company

Find answers and gain insights

Everyone from novices to experts can find the right information to accelerate decisions with dozens of filtering options using controlled vocabularies for enhanced searching, alerting and exporting. Leverage powerful indexes to explore disease therapy areas, interventions, phases, recruitment status, start and end dates, sites, sponsors and collaborators, actions and drug classes, patient segment and eligibility criteria, inclusion criteria including gene variants, biomarkers, endpoints, combination therapies, trial designs, results and adverse events.


"The Trial timeline viewer is particularly popular, enabling us to quickly generate graphics that can be shared with senior management. We are also pleased that the Clarivate team has been adding enrollment periods and rates since Q1 2017 and impressed by the volume of trials curated to date."

small, US-based biopharma company

Dynamic visual analytic tools

Dynamic visualizations give you options for interacting with the data, including distribution of indication, intervention, site, sponsor, phase, recruitment status, country, design and active control. Get fast insight into trial timelines including a longitudinal view of trial start dates, insights on trial duration trends and expected, actual or projected end dates for a given indication, company or individual drug.


"[Cortellis] also allows [the clinical operations team] to validate what their CRO is telling them so that they can have more informed discussions around site performance and enrollment strategy in the rare disease space."

Biopharma company focused in rare diseases

Intuitive site analytics

Access a comprehensive, curated source of information to identify and analyze reliable and experienced clinical trial sites and investigators based on their experience successfully recruiting patients in targeted segments and working with specific protocols, biomarkers, endpoints and more. Speed up patient recruitment by quickly tracking and understanding all ongoing trials at any site — to prevent competition for the same patients. Ensure you are evaluating all potential sites for your trials by validating information provided by CROs.


"{Cortellis} helps the clinical operations team feel more confident in making decisions around site selection."

Information professional,

global biotech company

Consulting services

Clarivate experts bring together a unique combination of Cortellis content (and other available data sources) with experienced consultants and proprietary methodologies to drive life sciences innovation – faster, with independent objectivity, for better results. Our experts bring you unrivaled data science expertise, evidence-based consulting and independent advice across the pharmaceutical R&D value chain.

Reduce time spent compiling & analyzing clinical information.

Get clinical intelligence the way you want it. Access information in a way that suits your organization with flexible options to access our research data.

Easily integrate content into other applications and platforms with one-click subscription access through the unified Cortellis platform.

Save time analyzing sites and enrollment information and develop new insights with clear and dynamic visualizations. Flexible delivery options mean you can find and use Cortellis clinical content anytime, anywhere.

Leverage fully searchable and indexed global content including sites, disease therapy areas, actions and drug classes, inclusion criteria, endpoints, biomarkers, combination therapies, trial designs and adverse events.

Support successful patient recruitment with global analytics to identify reliable and experienced test sites, track competitive trials and source quality investigators.

Get fast access to critical clinical trials data.

400 K+

Global clinical trials

2900 +

Diseases and therapeutic areas

200 K+

Clinical sites across 200+ countries


Trial registries

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