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To avoid wasting valuable resources developing drugs that will fail, it’s crucial to identify the likelihood of success as early as possible. However, collating the necessary data to perform this analysis is a constant challenge.

Avoid late-stage failures by accessing the broadest, deepest, most accurate source of R&D intelligence that has been manually curated, validated, and shared using a solution built by scientists for scientists.  Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence™ focuses exclusively on pharma and drug development intelligence, harmonizing and integrating essential biological, chemical, and pharmacological data from disparate sources into a single platform.

Utilize the power of data how and when you need it.

Integrated information

Supplement and enhance your searches with fully integrated information on companies and research institutes, current biomedical literature, and the most recent patient literature.


"If you don’t have [Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence], you may never find the information you need. It’s that critical."

Jordi Quintana

Director of Drug Discovery Platform,
Parc Científic Barcelona

Seamless links

Seamlessly link from Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence to other reputable scientific resources and enhance your work with a wide range of search, browse and export choices.


"I find direct access to the literature and patents via [Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence] to be useful, too."

Professor Vladimir Poroikov

Institute of Biomedical Chemistry,

Biomarkers module

This optional module brings an added dimension to your research by linking drugs, targets, and genes to biomarkers information from a diverse range of sources.


"[Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence] provides extended (multi-aspect) coverage exceeding the capabilities of its competitors."

Professor Vladimir Poroikov

Institute of Biomedical Chemistry,

Searchable data

The wealth of scientific pipeline data contains granular target and MOA information as well as the most extensive pre-clinical and clinical biomarker data linked to associated diseases and therapies – all of which is easily searchable in one platform.


"[Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence] provides the most reliable multi-faceted information about human medicines under study from a single source."

Professor Vladimir Poroikov

Institute of Biomedical Chemistry,

User-friendly workflow tool

One-click, user-friendly suite of applications that integrate the three major steps of pre-clinical research into a single cloud-based workflow. Get a reliable, quick, and comprehensive view of an indication and its potential.


"We have tried other research databases, including those in the public domain, but have always come back to [Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence]."

Professor Vladimir Poroikov

Institute of Biomedical Chemistry,

Unlock the hidden insights in data.

Help drive innovation and support earlier decision-making when developing new hypotheses for new targets, drugs and biomarkers.

Access key information from hard data points – not just references – from in vitro and in vivo pharmacological assays and pharmacokinetics studies.

Avoid costly mistakes and learn from the success of your peers with comprehensive coverage of pipeline data, patents, literature, and conferences – all from a scientific perspective.

Stay current with the latest developments without wasting time reviewing irrelevant materials by leveraging pre-clinical drug information that is updated and consolidated daily into a single, flexible resource.

Gain context for your R&D efforts with dynamic disease- and disorder-specific summaries on current treatments and future trends that include risk factors, prevalence, morbidity, mortality, and current treatments.

Conduct structured searches of your compounds to uncover similar compounds and related synthesis schemes (including intermediates).

Avoid late stage failures using a solution built by scientists for scientists.

599 K+

Drugs and biologics

9.5 K+

Targets and pathways

43 K+


2.3 M+

Biomarker uses

152 K+

Experimental models

2.8 M+

Pharmacology data points

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