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Successful drug development requires a fundamental understanding of a drug’s impact on a disease at the molecular level. When this information is sourced from multiple locations, considerable resources must be devoted to data collection and analysis. MetaCore, a Cortellis™ solution, delivers high-quality biological systems content in the context of comprehensive, validated biological pathways, giving you essential data and analytics to avoid failed drug development and accelerate your scientific research. Regular updates to the data ensure you always have access to the latest information, freeing up your bioinformatics team to focus on more complex analyses.

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Curated data

MetaCore provides the core capabilities of precise pathway analysis, knowledge mining, simple bioinformatics and effective visualizations in a comprehensive, off-the-shelf package. Use high-quality, 100% manually curated biological pathway data from peer-reviewed literature to accelerate drug development by rapidly generating and validating hypotheses for novel biomarkers, targets and mechanisms of action.


It's very clear that the human curation behind [MetaCore] makes the information considerably more valuable.

Dr. Guilherme Corrêa de Oliveira
Senior Researcher Fiocruz
Brazil’s foremost public health research institution

Pathway and network analysis

Conduct sophisticated, integrated pathway and network analysis of multiomics data across previous research. Using an R script package that provides a set of simplified functions, you can retrieve and filter content, manipulate molecular networks, create sub-networks, and create functional analysis scripts that apply to many omics data types.


MetaCore is now embedded at Fiocruz; it is definitely something that we need.

Dr. Guilherme Corrêa de Oliveira
Senior Researcher Fiocruz
Brazil’s foremost public health research institution

Direct access

More complex analyses and in-house data-mining solutions are supported to allow direct programmatic access to all or part of the underlying database. This solution allows your bioinformatics team to take advantage of content customization, integration and custom analytics – either through direct delivery of the data on-premise or in a flexible, fully secured and maintained hosted environment.


MetaCore made our lives a lot easier. Researchers can identify pathways that may be involved in processes under study, come up with hypotheses and ways of testing them.

Dr. Guilherme Corrêa de Oliveira
Senior Researcher Fiocruz
Brazil’s foremost public health research institution

User-friendly workflow tool

In one click, start conducting easy biological pathway analysis. State-of-the-art analytics leverage expertly-collected molecular biology and disease knowledge to visually and intuitively uncover disease-driving genes, potential biomarkers and promising drug targets.


Biologists in the lab are using it on an almost daily basis to run their analysis, freeing up the bioinformaticians to focus on other projects.

Dr. Guilherme Corrêa de Oliveira
Senior Researcher Fiocruz
Brazil’s foremost public health research institution

Consulting services

Clarivate experts bring together a unique combination of Cortellis content (and other available data sources) and proprietary methodologies to drive life sciences innovation – faster, with independent objectivity, for better results. Ask us how we can apply our data science expertise, evidence-based consulting and independent advice across the R&D lifecycle to your discovery efforts.

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Unlock the hidden insights in data.

Access high-quality biological systems content, including molecular interactions and pathways, gene-disease associations, chemical metabolism, and toxicity information.

Trust MetaCore data, which has industry-leading accuracy, reliability and comprehensiveness; has been manually curated by PhD- and MD-level research professionals; and has been validated by an independent study published in Biology Direct.

Explore biological, chemical and disease context for biological topics of interest using the data-mining capabilities and links to source documents.

Conduct enrichment analysis using the 14 available ontologies, including pathways and GO ontologies.

Connect your data and identify putative pathways and transcription factors using the 11 available molecular network analysis algorithms.

Perform functional analysis of next-generation sequencing, gene expression, CNV, metabolic, proteomics, microRNA, and screening data using the integrated software suite.

Tap into the power of MetaCore's underlying biological pathway data.

2 M+

Molecular interactions

1.5 K+

Molecular pathways

270 K+

Genetic variations

2.5 M+

Publication references

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