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Drug and device developers are faced with a range of challenges when identifying targets, designing drugs, and moving from the lab to the clinic. With the huge cost and risks of development, you also face critical decisions – from target selection, patient segments, and drug candidate selection to clinical strategy, regulatory requirements, and licensing options.

Advance your research with help from our multidisciplinary Discovery and Translational Sciences consulting team. Our experts bring together a unique combination of Cortellis™ content (and other available data sources), deep experience and proprietary methodologies to fuel innovation. Maximize your return on investment (ROI) through a wide spectrum of advisory services such as bioinformatics, experiment design and custom analytics with support from our expert team.

Leading industry methodologies and expert analysis.

Bioinformatics services

Our researchers perform advanced bioinformatics analyses to answer your scientific questions and generate testable hypotheses for patient stratification, biomarker discovery, disease understanding, target identification, drug combination effect prediction, and drug repositioning. We can also help to accelerate your research by providing custom-developed analytics and visualization tools based on your precise needs.

Bioinformatics support

  • Data analysis
  • Custom analytics
  • Advisory services

Translational data management

Applying diverse types of translational research data, including pre-clinical, omics, clinical studies and other R&D data, our data scientists can help you manage your research data throughout the R&D lifecycle. Use scientific manual data reviews and quality control (QC) assessments. Implement data standards, ontologies and automated data processing pipelines. We support your data infrastructure needs, including data modeling, uploading results to the platform of your choice (custom, commercial and open-source), developing and customizing platforms, and supporting open-source platforms (tranSMART, i2b2, and others).

Translational data support

  • Data curation
  • Data standards
  • Custom infrastructure development
  • tranSMART services
  • Advisory services

Knowledge management and data integration

Our team applies the latest data science techniques to extract and organize content from biomedical literature and databases, taking advantage of enabling technologies for scientific discovery. Our consultants also provide data integration and analysis support, including omics, clinical, pre-clinical, microbiome, wearables, literature and databases.

Knowledge management support:

  • Literature and database curation
  • Disease pathway reconstruction
  • Text mining
  • Data integration and knowledge modeling
  • Ontology development and alignment
  • Visualization, analytics and dashboards
  • Software and infrastructure development

A unique combination of life sciences expertise and data science.

No one else can provide the breadth of data you need – from biomarkers, targets, biological pathways, omics and gene variants, to pipelines, clinical trials, competitive information and regulatory guidelines.

Deep data science expertise, evidence-based consulting and independent advice across the life sciences R&D value chain.

Leverage our proprietary data-mining and surveillance pipelines, analysis algorithms, data integration and visualization tools.

Trusted databases to inform your research.

2.6 M+

Molecular interactions

1.5 K+

Molecular pathways

270 K+

Genetic variants

599 K+

Drugs and biologics

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