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TM go365™ revolutionizes the process of researching word marks, design marks and industrial designs, delivering results you can trust in seconds. Get the reliable information you need at your fingertips to make critical brand decisions with unmatched speed, flexibility and confidence.

Powered by advanced machine learning and visual recognition technology, TM go365 offers advantages no other do-it-yourself search tool can match:

  • Quality CompuMark trademark content for results you can trust
  • Global coverage of word marks, design marks and industrial designs
  • Time-saving visual analysis tools that help you achieve certainty faster

Challenges in launching and clearing a new mark
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Speed to market

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Launching in a multi-channel environment
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Certainty with speed

TM go365™  combines CompuMark’s deep trademark expertise with advanced machine learning and image recognition technology to deliver results you can count on to make critical brand decisions, quickly and cost-effectively.

Rapid insight

Get trusted results in minutes—anytime, anywhere—using advanced word and image recognition technology. Patent-pending decision support tools let you pinpoint the most important findings quickly, without losing sight of the big picture.

Trusted content

Gain the confidence that comes from the industry’s most reliable data. Search our quality-checked trademark database content and comprehensive common law and industry-specific data sources, including millions of image marks and industrial designs.

Global coverage

No other online solution offers comparable global coverage, with the flexibility to select the jurisdictions that matter to you.

Affordable quality

Get the results you need without compromising quality. Avoid the risk of not searching secondary and seasonal brands or designs because you don’t have the budget for a Full Search.

Responsive support

Self-service doesn’t mean you’re on your own. The industry’s best customer service team is always just a phone call or email away—24 hours a day, five days a week.

Search Image Marks

Rather than relying on outdated code-based search methods, our image recognition technology automatically analyzes key design attributes and compares them to millions of records, matching image for image. Ranked results speed your review.

AI-powered image recognition technology analyzes key design elements against millions of records, matching image for image.

Search Industrial Designs

Searching industrial designs is no longer a complex, time-consuming and error-prone challenge. With TM go365™, simply drag, drop and go. Get results for similar designs in seconds.

Searching designs is no longer a complex and error-prone challenge. Simply drag, drop and go. Get results in seconds.

Search Word Marks

Innovative, easy-to-use analysis and decision support tools help you spot and analyze critical findings in context, quickly. The Decision Support View presents a categorized and highly visual 360-degree summary of search results. Simply click on a color block to review trademark details.

Innovative decision support tools help you spot and analyze critical findings in context, quickly and easily.

Trusted insight at every step

No other solution delivers the combination of speed, convenience and trusted trademark intelligence you receive with TM go365. CompuMark is the only search provider with solutions that encompass your entire clearance process with the added advantage of choice.

SAEGIS® on SERION® TM go365 Analyst Full Search
Preferred use Self-service screening Self-service DIY research Full-service clearance
Risk mitigation capabilities Limited Good High
Searchable capabilities Word

  • Identicals
  • Near Identicals


  • Design phrase & keyword matching
  • Design code matching

Instant results


  • Identicals
  • Near Identicals
  • Complex variations


  • Image-to-image matching
  • Design codes/keywords enable refinement

Instant ranked results


  • Identicals
  • Near Identicals
  • Complex variations
  • Human logics & interpretation


  • Expert Analyst review of image, design code, class matches

Results delivered via SERION

Database coverage 180 trademark/ non-trademark registers 88 trademark/ non-trademark/ image registers including (web) Common Law 180+ trademark/ non-trademark registers including (web) Common Law
Service and support Helpdesk by SERION Support Team Helpdesk by SERION Support Team Full service: (Analyst develops and delivers a deeper, more comprehensive search with review, analysis, record selection and top hits ranking)

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