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Worldwide demand for entertainment across all media continues to drive an explosion in content, together with dramatic changes in the ways entertainment is produced, delivered and consumed. While this dramatic shift presents tremendous new market opportunities, it makes the challenge of researching and protecting entertainment titles and trademarks more complex than ever before.

We help you meet that challenge with a comprehensive array of Entertainment Solutions for a multidimensional research approach that offers coverage across trademarks, titles and copyrights with specialized content and research analysts focused on the needs of the entertainment industry.

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Full Entertainment Searches

The easy, convenient way to determine the availability of your entertainment trademark or title for use in the U.S. We combine our U.S. Full Search with our U.S. Full Title Search, covering entertainment titles in government records, as well as web common law and domain name sources, plus our own proprietary entertainment title databases.

Searching entertainment marks in Canada?

Our Canadian Full Entertainment Search has you covered, combining Canada Title Search coverage with our Canadian Full Search.

Full Title Searches

Determine the availability of titles for film, TV, gaming, and other entertainment uses in markets around the world. Our title coverage includes industry, regional, national, government, and academic archives, as well as specialized commercial databases. We also cover common law web sources, including user-generated content, online databases, and domain names. Coverage is available for the following global markets:

  • United States
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • UK
  • Australia & New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Asia
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • Global package of all regions

U.S. Copyright Search

Determine the copyright status of a movie, book, website, musical composition, or any other entertainment property. Our U.S. Full Copyright Search provides pertinent information on copyright status, assignment history, chain of title, underlying and derivative works, and author biography. We search U.S. Copyright Office records, authoritative entertainment databases and our own proprietary entertainment research library to give you the most complete information.

U.S. Full Music Media Search

Need targeted coverage for music titles, band names and record labels? This specialized search combines our U.S. Full Search with a variety of key music industry and copyright sources, including music-related U.S. copyright registrations, MusicMaster and other authoritative guides, as well as online sources, including user-generated content.

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