SERION Release – June 2019


New: Regional Responsibility Assignments
Now within Watch on SERION, you can assign Watch Notice results to colleagues at either the regional level or at the Watch order level. Further streamline your Watching workflow and review processes across different regions.

Direct Access to Internet Explorer from Watch Notices
Now you can connect to Watch on SERION within Internet Explorer directly from a Watch Alert email. Note: this setting will require you to enable the ‘remember me’ function within Watch on SERION.

Naming Tool on SERION
We’ve made enhancements to the Naming Tool to further streamline conducting a name generation and analysis query on the Naming Tool.

Import Names More Easily with Batch Uploading
Now, run a name analysis on a set of predetermined name ideas with batch uploads. The system will return name tiles for all names in the seed field in which you can then review data analytics or run a trademark check on a given name.

Full Search

Additional Registers Now Available for Global Pharmaceutical Searches
We have added 15 additional European trademark registers to our Global Pharmaceutical Search report.

Register Register Register
Austria Finland Poland
Bulgaria Hungary Portugal
Czech Republic Ireland Slovak Republic
Denmark Latvia Slovenia
Estonia Lithuania Sweden


Inbox and Analysis Tool Enhancements to Full Search Report Analysis
The comment icon will now be visible when there is a general report comment applied to a Search report. Previously the icon displayed only once a hit-level annotation was applied (comment or flag) on the report.

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