Working at the Web of Science Group

Marko Zovko from the Web of Science Group, a Clarivate Analytics company, talks about life as a busy account manager in the European sales team

Marko joined Clarivate five and a half years ago. He is based in the London office and originally joined as a Regional Sales Associate. He has since risen to the role of Account Manager where he is responsible for more than ten countries in Southern and Eastern Europe. In this blog he talks about his job, his customers and why he’s proud to be working at Clarivate.

An international network

My role varies hugely, depending on whether I’m traveling or in the office. On an office day I get up pretty early as I’m responsible for Romania and Bulgaria — they are two hours ahead of us in London. I may start the day from home catching up on emails or having some early morning calls with colleagues and customers in these countries.

By nine o’clock I’m in the office where I spend most of my morning in meetings and briefings with my managers, going over the sales pipeline and planning for the quarter ahead. We have a customer success team that provides most of the pre and post-sales support so it’s also really important to catch up with them. They work really hard and are an excellent source of knowledge for finding out what our customers need.

My afternoons are normally spent addressing customer requests or preparing for upcoming customer meetings. I try to spend as much time as possible with our customers. In fact, about 40% of my time is spent in Europe, meeting our customers at conferences or in their offices and research centers.

Onsite with customers

All our customers are involved in scientific research. I spend a lot of time with governments, or ministries for science and education, who are interested in acquiring the best tools for their academic and research institutions. I also try to meet up with most of these institutions because they are the ones using and driving governments to purchase our products.

In some countries, the scientific research communities get together to form consortiums, so I will also meet up with them and the institutions within them. And many of the consortia and libraries that we deal with run these events on our behalf.

A fulfilling opportunity, an inspiring future

I’m originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina and have a Croatian passport, but I moved to the United Kingdom to study about 10 years ago. I decided to work in the United Kingdom after being attracted to a job at Clarivate as a Regional Sales Associate for the Web of Science Group. It was an ideal opportunity and my language skills came in very useful as I was supporting managers in the field.


“I’m incredibly proud to play my part in contributing to scientific research by providing scientists with our research tools. And who knows, we could be helping a future Nobel Prize Winner.”


I haven’t looked back since! My role has worked extremely well for me as I get the opportunity to travel home and to visit other places in Europe that I would not necessarily get to see. I’m also incredibly proud to play my part in contributing to scientific research by providing scientists with our research tools. And who knows, we could be helping a future Nobel Prize Winner.

It’s also especially fulfilling to support research centers in countries that have not had the same opportunities as those in Western Europe. I’ve also been involved with some of our strategy meetings where we look at how we can best serve these customers.

Clarivate is excellent at developing and nurturing its staff — my original managers are all still within the business. I look forward to continuing working with them, and my other colleagues, to keep shaping our business for many years to come.

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