Web of Science 2017 Roadmap

We are committed to accelerating the pace of innovation by constantly adjusting and improving upon features in our products. Stay up-to-date with all of our exciting developments as we enhance your Web of Science experience.

In Q1, we’ve improved on your user experience by allowing you to export data more efficiently. And, to further improve our integration with InCites, we’ve increased the number of custom datasets that can be created in Web of Science and sent to InCites from five to 20.


But that’s not all we have planned. Get ready for an exciting year!

In Q2, we will be investing our time in improving the output and content for analytics. We will be making a number of additions including:

  • New  output fields for ESI (for top performing papers) and OA (for open accessible articles)
  • In Data Citation Index, links to WOS articles in cited references
  • Expanded Conference Proceedings for more complete coverage, affording  consistent discovery and analytics
  • Re-designed search form to provide greater exposure to other subscribed databases via the dropdown list and to expose the search forms tailored for each database (i.e., basic, cited reference, advanced, etc.).

With the re-designed search, you can also sort and filter search results to find those that match your criteria and are the most impactful to maximize your search efficiency.

We are excited to announce, later in Q3, the addition of the Emerging Sources Citation Index Ten Year Archive, making it easier to spot trends and discover literature from journals indexed in Emerging Sources Citation Index and published between 2005 and 2014. Further, we will be adding  journal titles to Emerging Sources Citation Index, increasing its breadth to 7,500 high-quality, peer-reviewed journals of regional importance in emerging fields.

And then, in Q4, stay abreast of the most recent publications and measure the total impact of a publication with Articles in Press.


Check out the full roadmap below!



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