Top 100 New Brands in 2023 [REPORT]

The modern brand landscape is evolving fast. Brand owners are facing more challenges when launching new global brands. In our latest report, Top 100 New Brands™ 2023, Clarivate identifies the new brands that are navigating these challenges and coming out on top.

Every year over 10 million new brand names and company identities are registered around the world as trademarks, joining the 130+ million active already in place. While many of these will be for products and services that are sold locally by small businesses, in an increasingly interconnected world, global brands are being created at an unprecedented rate.

Brands eye global market potential

The investment required to create a new brand and protect it around the world is considerable. But the returns can also be large. Global brands can tap into a world market that now exceeds 8 billion people. In 2023 people with online access – the internet and social media – passed 5 billion[1], representing a huge new global market that didn’t exist a generation ago. This huge global market includes Gen Z and millennials, a fast-expanding group of consumers that demand more of their brands, creating greater commercial pressures when planning a brand launch. Amidst these challenges, resourceful new brands are cutting through the noise.

Our methodology

We queried the world’s largest curated library of trademark data – with more than 145 million records covering over 200 countries and unique in-house metrics from the Clarivate Trademark Strength Index™. Our in-house brand IP experts identified new brands that appeared on the global stage in 2022 and which demonstrated the greatest diligence in protecting and expanding their brand footprint.

Trends in new brands landscape

Despite the challenges of recent years – the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain dislocation, cost of living and interest rate increases – the march of technology is driving brand creation on a global scale. The switch from internal combustion to electric in the automotive sector, blockchain-based non-fungible tokens and the inexorable rise of online commerce are behind a significant number of the new brands created in 2022, including WATCH D from Huawei, SHAREPLAY from Apple and AIRCOVER from Airbnb.

The world of brands is changing in another way, with the East growing in prominence in new brand creation. An increasing number of the best protected global brands are coming from China, Japan and South Korea. And for the first time we see entries from Africa and Australia.

Clarivate is pleased to recognize the Top 100 New Brands 2023 – the brands that demonstrated the greatest diligence in protecting and expanding their brand footprint.

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