The value of innovation culture: a conversation with Top 100 Global Innovators [Podcast]

Welcome to the ‘Ideas to Innovation’ podcast series. In this brand new series, we engage in conversation with experts and industry leaders to discuss innovation at its core. Learn more about the new series.

In this episode, we feature guests from three organizations recognized on this year’s Top 100 Global Innovators™ list to talk about the value of innovation culture and how businesses today go about creating and sustaining an innovative company. We ask our guests how innovation is helping the world to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and deliver green shoots of recovery.

Our guest speakers include:

  • Catherine Maresh, Vice President and Chief Intellectual Property Counsel at Immersion;
  • Elizabeth McCombs, Senior Vice President for Medical Segment Research and Development at BD;
  • Erin Byrne, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Data and Devices at TE Connectivity; and
  • Ed White, Head of Analytics for the IP Group at Clarivate.


Listen to the conversation now: