The changing nature of international collaboration [Podcast]

Tune in to learn how traditional and newly formed patterns of global collaboration play out in research, and about the tools available to uncover new cross-disciplinary opportunities. 


Collaboration has changed significantly over the last 30 to 40 years. Air travel, international meetings and the internet have all played a role alongside other geopolitical, historical and geographical factors. But what impact has this and new challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit had on research and innovation in academic and industry settings? Also, how does it influence the funding researchers can secure today?

Dr. Jonathan Adams, Chief Scientist at the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)™, shares insights into the current collaborations landscape in the latest episode of our Future of Research podcast.

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Tune in as Dr. Adams explains how new frontiers of research are most often based on cross-disciplinary research, and how it’s an area that offers the greatest opportunities for researchers and funders.


“So much of what’s becoming important today is where disciplines meet at the boundaries, because the core fundamental parts of many of our major disciplinary areas are well established. Now, the innovation is where one field comes together with something else.”


Identifying these cross-disciplinary links has traditionally been a discovery issue, he says, but information systems have improved remarkably.

Today, citation analysis in a large publication database like the Web of Science™ has made it much easier to reveal new frontiers in research. It provides the signposts that researchers and funders need to find and invest in cross-disciplinary programs, and as a result, it is breaking down the silos that have traditionally kept research areas apart.


“We are developing the tools that enable people to […] accelerate their discovery process.”


This week’s episode is a must-listen for researchers, organizations and funders alike. Beyond discussing how collaborations are changing research, Dr. Adams also provides advice for what early-career researchers can do to break into today’s collaborative environment, and what senior researchers should look for in up and coming academics.

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