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To help you fulfill your goals in a landscape of increasing competition and complexity, Web of ScienceTM is building advanced resources and tools designed to accelerate the pace of discovery, increase the transparency and visibility of open research, better support strategic funding and investment decisions, and facilitate wider and deeper collaborations across the research community.

Listen to our podcast series to learn more about trends impacting the global research landscape, and how the Web of Science can help you successfully navigate them. We’ll release a new episode here each week, beginning mid-October, 2020.

How open science is transforming the future of research

Dr. Nandita Quaderi, Web of Science Editor-in-Chief, discusses the drivers behind open research and shares our plans for expanding the content types available in the Web of Science to help you save time navigating the complex open research ecosystem.

The changing nature of international collaboration

Dr. Jonathan Adams, Chief Scientist at the Institute for Scientific Information, shares insights into the current collaborations landscape drawn from his decades of experience analyzing patterns of global collaboration across academic, government and corporate institutions.

Meeting researchers at their point of need to accelerate discovery

Dr. Rob Poolman, Vice President of the Web of Science Product Platform, and Nina Chang, Web of Science Product Manager, discuss how the global pandemic has impacted researchers at all career stages, and how we’re investing to create the most powerful Web of Science platform yet to deliver what you need when you need it, wherever you are.

Demonstrating real-world outcomes and the future of research evaluation

Dr. Martin Szomszor, Director of the Institute for Scientific Information, and Josh Schnell, Consultancy Director, discuss current challenges research evaluators face, share insights into best practices for measuring the real-world outcomes of research, and talk about new indicators and predictive methodologies on the horizon.

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