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Identity in peer review: Peer Review Week 2021

We’ve launched a New Web of Science Academy course for Peer Review Week 2021. Enroll now.   Source:   The theme for peer review week this year is “identity in peer review.” This can be interpreted many ways and means something different for everyone. In this article, Dr. Julia Mouatt, Head of the Web […]

Journal Citation Reports 2021: The evolution of journal intelligence [Podcast]

 In the Ideas to Innovation podcast series, we engage experts and industry leaders to discuss innovation at its core. Learn more about our podcast program.    For almost 50 years, the global research community has relied on the data in the Journal Citation Reports™ (JCR) to identify the world’s leading journals. The JCR is based on data from the Web […]

How to find the right journal for your research (using actual data)

Want to help your research flourish? We share tips for using publisher-neutral data and statistics to find the right journal for your research paper. The right journal helps your research flourish. It puts you in the best position to reach a relevant and engaged audience, and can extend the impact of your paper through a […]

The Web of Science Academy is here, an online hub for research integrity training

Research integrity in publishing is an important topic that is not often taught to researchers through their institution or by publishers. The new Web of Science™ Academy offers researchers around the world an opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge, making them better researchers, peer reviewers and journal editorial board members. Courses will help researchers […]

Demonstrating real-world outcomes and the future of research evaluation [Podcast]

Tune in to learn the current challenges facing research evaluators and to discover best practices and new tools for measuring real-world outcomes of research.   Research evaluation has taken a new direction in recent years. There’s been a shift in focus from research quality to research delivery, and this has brought new challenges for all […]

Meeting researchers at their point of need to accelerate discovery [Podcast]

Tune in to learn how discovery platforms can best meet the needs of researchers during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Improving the researcher experience is crucial to accelerating output and impact. However, researchers’ needs and pain points are changing right across the research workflow. In this episode of our Future of Research podcast, we discuss […]

The changing nature of international collaboration [Podcast]

Tune in to learn how traditional and newly formed patterns of global collaboration play out in research, and about the tools available to uncover new cross-disciplinary opportunities.    Collaboration has changed significantly over the last 30 to 40 years. Air travel, international meetings and the internet have all played a role alongside other geopolitical, historical […]

How open science is transforming the future of research [Podcast]

Open research is a complex and rapidly evolving global movement. It has proven to be a springboard for ongoing research, discovery and innovation, but it has also led to challenges for researchers, librarians and publishers alike. Here to talk us through open research and the tools designed to help in this space is Dr. Nandita […]

Here’s what Highly Cited Researchers look for in PhD students

Our Highly Cited Researchers™ 2020 announcement is fast approaching. In anticipation of this prestigious event, where we celebrate the exceptional performance of some of the most cited researchers on the planet, we reached out to some of the researchers named in previous years. We asked them what qualities they look for most in a PhD […]