Celebrating women in science

At Clarivate, we believe that diverse viewpoints, backgrounds and life experiences are central to shaping our shared future. This past year, Clarivate women scientists contributed to COVID-19 vaccine research, working with our customers to save lives around the world. Watch their story. As we reflect on the progress towards diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in […]

Engineering software to speed up the pandemic response

Xavi Moreno joined Clarivate well into the pandemic, where his technology skillset would soon make a difference in fighting the virus. Get the full story. Xavi Moreno took a roundabout path to working on products designed to address the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout childhood, the Barcelonian software engineer had wanted to be an eye doctor, so […]

A scientist tracking killers, from malaria to Sars-Cov-2

A parasitologist passionate about rare disease research, Shyama’s research has enabled scientific collaborations around the world. Get the full story. “I’m a woman of science,” said Shyama Ghosh, Senior Science Editor at Clarivate. “I come from a family of women of science,” she adds, proudly noting that her daughter is a newly-minted chemistry Ph.D. The […]

Forecasting the next moves of a fast-moving pandemic

As the pandemic tore across the world, principal epidemiologist Oliver Blandy knew he had the expertise and data to help fight COVID-19. Get the full story. Hunkered down in London as the COVID-19 pandemic tore across the world in the spring of 2020, Oliver Blandy found himself hoping that he would be tasked with putting […]