Researching smarter with EndNote X9

Researching smarter with EndNote X9
by Christopher King
Marketing Communications Manager, Scientific and Academic Research, Clarivate Analytics
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With the release of EndNote X9, the newest version of its reference-management software, Clarivate Analytics deepens its commitment to helping researchers concentrate on their primary goal: Creating important, impactful research.”


With research now a global enterprise, collaboration with large, international teams has become the norm. In fact, 43% of papers published in the last five years were written by international teams. Such large-scale collaboration, however, also brings challenges. The time-consuming demands of assembling, curating, and sharing references and other materials often hinder researchers from focusing on activities more essential and germane to their work.

With the release of EndNote X9, the newest version of its reference-management software, Clarivate Analytics deepens its commitment to helping researchers concentrate on their primary goal: Creating important, impactful research.

Using EndNote X9, researchers – even members of far-flung international teams – can compile, format, and share research materials and optimal bibliographies with minimal effort. In particular, enhanced tools for collaboration allow users to selectively share references while controlling team access and monitoring changes. And heightened Web of Science integration brings a new level of quality assurance in selecting references and identifying journals in which to publish.


Group Sharing

For managing team input to a collaborative research library, EndNote can provide remote access for up to 100 team members, who can use the online interface to access materials from any location, on any device (in a Windows, iOS, Mac, or multi-platform environment). Supervisors also have the ability to set limits on that access for individual team members, specifying “write” or “read-only” access to the bibliography or to a select group of references. And for monitoring and coordinating changes to the material, X9 can also track team activity.

EndNote’s group-sharing options also mean that colleagues need no longer search through an entire collaborative library to find pertinent materials; when necessary, users can share only the selected portions they choose, with the level of access they select.



As always, to assist users in the initial process of assembling their stores of research materials, EndNote affords access to hundreds of online resources. These include PDFs as well as material deriving from newer reference types such as blog posts, multimedia sources, and social media. Full text for references can be searched in a single click. EndNote assembles and automatically reformats bibliographies in Microsoft® Word, according to rules that can be pre-set by the user.

Should it be necessary to change the bibliographic style of a list of references, EndNote X9’s Refreshed Styles feature can automatically modify references into key styles such as Chicago, ALA, MLA, and others. Similarly, automatic updating for references and links keeps the bibliographic data accurate.


Web of Science Integration

In compiling bibliographies and other reference materials, researchers need to be certain that their lists reflect top-flight work that has earned the approval of the research community, in the form of citations. Given its enhanced integration with the Web of Science, EndNote X9 provides this certainty. When using the desktop version of X9 in conjunction with a Web of Science subscription, users can generate a citation report for a selected group of references

Web of Science functionality also underpins another EndNote feature: Manuscript Matcher. This utility takes the guesswork out of determining the most appropriate journal in which to publish a paper. When users enter their manuscript’s title, abstract, and cited references, Manuscript Matcher analyzes the work against the millions of citation connections recorded in the Web of Science, producing an informed list of the best-fit journals for the paper.

In its latest incarnation, EndNote X9 enlarges its ability to assist researchers at all stages of compiling and sharing data, building bibliographies, and gaining advantage in finding the best outlets for their work.


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