Ruta Kersyte: Curating insights from case law

Meet our trademark experts

A passion for the law doesn’t always have to lead to a position at a law firm or corporate legal department. For Ruta Kersyte, her legal training has led to a career at the intersection of trademarks, litigation and technology.

Ruta earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees in European and business law. Deeply interested in trademarks and their global impact, she wanted to explore different career paths in the legal realm, leading to a position at Darts-ip™ as a trademark case law analyst in Ruta’s home country of Lithuania. She became part of the Clarivate™ team when Darts-ip was acquired in 2019.

An exciting, new direction

“I found working with trademarks very exciting,” she recalls. “The impact that trademarks have on society as the face of brands is really intriguing. It’s fun to be involved in that.”

Since then, Ruta’s role has grown with her trademark knowledge, first as a supervisor of trademark content for the Baltics and Poland, then supervising content for all of Europe. Today, she serves as head of trademark litigation content curation, leading the effort to enhance the searchability and usability of case law data to make it accessible and useful for informing critical trademark decisions.

“I view reading cases a bit like solving complex mathematical formulas,” Ruta explains. “There are many different kinds of law applications and interpretations. It’s like solving a puzzle.”

She emphasizes that content curation is not a subjective process at Clarivate—it’s about applying the right data points and search logic to deliver the most relevant case content to our clients. “We identify legal discussions in a case, adapting to legal structures in different jurisdictions around the world,” she explains. “This is an objective, data-driven process with strict rules to be followed in the analysis process to ensure consistency”.

The role of human expertise

While automation is essential for curating large volumes of legal content, human expertise is just as important, Ruta says. “There are limits to what you can automate. We rely on our expert analysts to ensure the best quality results. We are always focused on what would make sense for the client, asking ourselves, what would they need to see?”

In her supervisory role, Ruta ensures that her team has the best tools available to perform this data-driven analysis. She also closely collaborates with other teams at Clarivate — from the artificial intelligence (AI) and ingest team that collects the data to the services and strategy teams—in order to optimize every aspect of case law content curation.

The value of integration

One of the most exciting recent developments for Ruta has been the integration of Darts-ip data with other Clarivate solutions, including CompuMark™ trademark search and watch solutions and the new Brand Landscape Analyzer, which combines Clarivate trademark and litigation data with AI-powered analytics to enhance and accelerate brand risk assessment.

Ruta works closely with the Clarivate litigation product team to fine-tune curation processes that facilitate the integration of Darts-ip data in ways that add value to other solutions. “We are always looking at ways to include even more data to benefit our clients,” she says. “Integrating case law data delivers a lot of value, providing real-life examples that help clients make more informed decisions.”

Collaboration on a global scale

While Ruta actively collaborates with colleagues across the global trademark business at Clarivate, she works remotely from her home in Lithuania. In fact, she was an early advocate for remote work, well before the pandemic.

“Adapting to remote workstyles enables us to have experts from different countries around the world collaborating and learning from each other,” she says, noting that her global team regularly meets online for virtual lunches and other informal events to maintain the personal connections that foster strong team cohesion. “I really enjoy learning about different cultures and their customs.”

When she isn’t working on trademark case law content, Ruta enjoys traveling to distant places and trying different sports—including boxing. As with everything else, Ruta takes an analytical approach to her training sessions at the gym. “Boxing is challenging intellectually; you really have to think about what you’re doing. In its own way it is very mathematical,” she says.

One thing is sure: When it comes to delivering case law content that adds value to trademark decisions, Ruta is always punching above her weight.

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