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KEYNOTE-564 paves future role for immunotherapy in adjuvant renal cell carcinoma

Merck &Co.’s Keytruda has practice-changing potential as adjuvant therapy for renal cell carcinoma. As part of our Drugs to Watch™ series, Clarivate oncology experts Priyanka Mehra and Sorcha Cassidy review new data shared at the 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting, and implications for patients and life sciences companies.   The renal cell carcinoma treatment landscape continues […]

The evolution of the asset-centric approach in biotech venture capital

In this episode of Conversations in Healthcare, Mike Ward speaks with Francesco De Rubertis, co-founder and managing partner at Medicxi, about the evolution of the biotech venture capital model and the emergence of the asset-centric approach.   Mike Ward: I’m delighted to be joined by Francesco De Rubertis, a co-founder and managing partner at Medicxi, […]

Roche’s Tecentriq shows promise in resectable NSCLC: key takeaways for the market

Tecentriq, Roche’s flagship anti-PD-L1 therapy, gets one step closer to becoming the first immunotherapy to gain approval as adjuvant therapy in resectable non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). As part of our Drugs to Watch™ series, Clarivate oncology experts Arman Esfandiari, Amardeep Singh and Khurram Nawaz review new data shared at ASCO 2021, and implications for […]

Six oncology breakthroughs from Mainland China: Takeaways from ASCO 2021

Clarivate oncology experts analyzed ASCO 2021 abstracts from Mainland China to highlight key trends and breakthrough treatments that are expected to impact the oncology landscape. Mainland Chinese companies were strongly represented at the 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting. As part of our Drugs to Watch™ series spotlighting therapies expected to have significant impact on drug landscapes, […]

Impact of COVID-19 vaccine rollout on medtech recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the fundamental operations of all healthcare stakeholders. The ability to predict the outcomes of the pandemic and the speed of recovery for medtech markets has been challenged by the lack of historical data. This article is an executive summary of a new report from Clarivate assessing how COVID-19 vaccine rollouts will […]

Top 10 oncology breakthroughs shared at ASCO 2021

Clarivate oncology experts analyzed more than 2,400 ASCO abstracts and selected the top 10 based on their expected impact on the drug treatment landscape. In the following article, we share our analysis of these exciting breakthroughs, data and takeaways for life sciences executives.   “Equity: Every Patient. Everyday. Everywhere” The ASCO Annual Meeting is the […]

Mainland China’s NRDL: The expensive yet priceless ticket to market access

Recent updates in the NRDL highlight Mainland China’s improving market access and reimbursement environment for innovative therapies. However, this comes at the cost of heavy price cuts that manufacturers must offer in exchange for NRDL inclusion. Are these price cuts worth gaining market access in Mainland China? What other trends have emerged from the recent […]

Drugs to Watch: What are the drivers and barriers for future blockbusters?

In this episode of Conversations in Healthcare, Mike Ward and market experts break down the opportunities and potential threats for 2021’s Drugs to WatchTM – – four drugs expected to be blockbusters by 2026.     Mike Ward: Hello. My name is Mike Ward, and welcome to Conversations in Healthcare, a podcast and video series […]

Amazon and Walmart wade into U.S. telehealth and digital pharmacy

The e–commerce giants’ evolving healthcare offerings could put pressure on drug makers, as well as PBMs and telehealth vendors Amazon’s healthcare ambitions have long been the subject of intense speculation – and not a little anxiety – for players throughout the sector. Amazon’s massive scale and world-beating digital capabilities give it the power to disrupt nearly any business it enters. So you could almost hear healthcare company CEOs taking a sharp breath and sitting up a little straighter when, in March, Amazon announced that it would offer its in-house health […]

State review boards take on drug prices amid Congressional inaction

How are states tackling high drug prices and increasing affordability? Clarivate market access expert Stephanie Hoops discusses the emergence of affordability review boards. Done waiting for Congress to take action on drug prices, states are increasingly enacting laws that create drug affordability review boards. As is done with utilities or insurance premiums, the boards allow states […]