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How the pandemic has impacted the Federal Health Insurance Exchange in the U.S.

In the United States, as the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered non-essential businesses, millions lost their jobs and with them, employer-sponsored health coverage. This drove a spike in the rate of uninsured patients, along with a shift from commercial employer-sponsored plans to other coverage options, such as coverage bought through state- and federal government-run health insurance exchanges, Medicaid and short-term health insurance plans.   Implemented as part of the 2010 Affordable Care Act reforms, health insurance exchanges vary from state […]

Mainland China’s anticipated biosimilar boom – potential and key drivers of the market

The market of major biologics in Mainland China has tripled since 2017, with the potential to grow five-fold over the next ten years – which could drive biosimilars growth. Clarivate expert Akash Saini discusses this market’s potential and key drivers.    The approval of Shanghai Henlius Biotech’s HLX01—a biosimilar of rituximab (Roche’s MabThera)—in February 2019 […]

Mainland China’s anticipated biosimilar boom – potential and key drivers of the market

The approval of Shanghai Henlius Biotech’s HLX01—a biosimilar of rituximab (Roche’s MabThera)—in February 2019 marked the formal entry of biosimilars in Mainland China, even though copy biologicals such as Yisaipu (etanercept) have long existed in the country. Biosimilars of bevacizumab (Roche’s Avastin), trastuzumab (Roche’s Herceptin), and adalimumab (AbbVie’s Humira) have since launched, while many others […]

Formulary exclusion strategies promote cost savings amid pandemic

From potential shortages of generic drugs to a brand new COVID-19 pipeline, this pandemic is undoubtedly impacting pharmacy benefits. Payers are constantly trying to salvage the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on drug access by leveraging formulary exclusion to achieve deep discounts and provide medication access. Express Scripts, CVS Caremark and OptumRx, which dominate […]

Retail giant Walmart enters the U.S. health insurance sector with Medicare plan play

Big box behemoth Walmart is getting into the U.S. market for health insurance with a pilot effort in Georgia. If successful, it could offer coverage to millions of American seniors and would represent the latest example of a chimeric healthcare offering covering payment, provision and distribution. Clarivate market access analysts Parvathy Menon and Sayantani Biswas […]

Regulatory response to the COVID-19 pandemic: Fast tracking therapeutics

The efforts to end the COVID-19 pandemic have been multifaceted: epidemiological data for understanding, vaccines and non-pharmaceutical interventions for prevention, and new or repurposed drugs for treatment.  In this blog post, Monia Tumminello, Manager, Cortellis Regulatory Intelligence™, and Jaime Polychrones, Medical Writer, Cortellis Regulatory Intelligence, discuss the regulatory response to therapeutic development, from issuing new […]

Regulatory response to the COVID-19 pandemic: Prevention via non-pharmaceutical intervention

Preventive strategies for COVID-19 include a variety of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) such as social distancing and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). Reliable case identification and contact tracing guide the distribution of supplies and implementation of NPIs. In this blog post, we discuss how regulatory agencies have addressed the ongoing need for NPI, PPE, […]

Regulatory response to the COVID-19 pandemic: Careful planning to minimize disruptions

Beyond the need to address the ongoing pandemic itself, regulators also must address the impacts to clinical trials as well as essential supplies of treatments and medicines for other diseases and conditions. In this final blog post of our series, we describe strategies to minimize disruption to ongoing clinical trials, drug manufacturing and essential supplies […]

2019 PBM trend: Specialty sector at center stage

While big PBMs like ESI and CVS Caremark promote exceptional market control through their 2019 PBM trend reports, Prime Therapeutics failed to effectively control drug price inflation. In line with the trend for slow growth, commercial drug spending grew at an average of three percent. While drug utilization remains the leading cause of increasing specialty […]

Walmart ventures into mainstream health insurance: Medicare

Walmart’s evasive attempts to inch into the health insurance market created a buzz once the retailer confirmed on its plans to broker and sell Medicare Advantage plans. In October 2020, Walmart announced its insurance brokerage, Walmart Insurance Services, will begin to sell Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplemental and Part D plans in 2021. Walmart plans to […]