Honda Patents Touch-Sensitive Window Tinting

Touch-sensitive window tinting could be coming to a car near you.

According to Carscoops, Honda has filed a patent for window tints that would respond to a user’s touch. The window works when a user touches it and drags a finger down to a desired point, tinting only that section of the window. The blog says that, alongside being a massive convenience to adjust the tint when required, this could spell the end of flip-down sun visors as it could be used on a vehicle’s windshield.

For now, the patent would only allow tinting to be altered while the car is stationary.

Honda’s patent could work in any car, and it has the capability to be a massive success if it comes to market. Sun glare is a major safety issue, and there just have not been any meaningful innovations in this area since the advent of cars. If Honda can license this technology, it could be a huge money maker for them.

Meanwhile, it’s also a technology that could certainly factor into the emerging market of autonomous driving. With windshields and windows on the precipice of becoming content filters, tinting windows in a desired area could not only be a practical safety solution in the present day, but a useful development for media consumption in the future of automobiles.