The Grand Tour of Europe – Web of Science edition

The Grand Tour of Europe has a long history. From aristocrats in drawing rooms and salons to university students on summer study programs, the exchange of knowledge and ideas against the backdrop of majestic boulevards and ancient ruins is part of a venerable tradition. A few weeks ago, I embarked on just such a tour with Web of Science Big Data as the raison d’être. The goal of this trip was to help bring together the growing global community of  Web of Science data users and learn from their research

During this trip:

  • We hosted 3 workshops held in Copenhagen, Denmark, Lausanne, Switzerland, and London,
  • Participants came from 16 different countries: US, Canada, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, and Spain.
  • Each workshop had a core focus onWeb of Science data and APIs with a slightly different emphasis based on the audience’s interest.

Key takeaways :

Copenhagen, Denmark

Our workshop in Denmark was co-hosted by The Communication and Information Studies research group (CIS) at Aalborg University Copenhagen. The main focus of this workshop was Web of Science data in core bibliometric and system integration. There were representatives from most of the major universities, research centers, and funding agencies in the Nordics.

Lausanne, Switzerland

This workshop was co-hosted by our partners at EPFL. The main focus was on data analytics in the study of innovation and the economies of science. You can find most of the presentations for this workshop here >

London, UK

In London, we hosted a mix of both primary academic researchers using Web of Science citation data as well as representatives from many scientific publishers. This meeting fostered some interesting debates on the merits of bibliometric analysis and also provided our customers and partners a forum to provide candid and valuable product feedback to our Web of Science team.

These meetings were an invaluable opportunity to learn from our customers and about their research. We are looking forward to doing more of these in the future.

If you are interested in learning more, or if you would like to co-host a similar event, please contact Jason Rollins.