Finding the right data

Today’s Love Your Data Week theme is all about Finding the Right Data. The ability to find relevant data is only possible if it’s discoverable and that’s precisely where resources like the Data Citation Index on Web of Science come into play.

The Data Citation Index provides a single point of access to quality research data from repositories across disciplines and around the world. Research data for this index include data studies, as well as data sets deposited in a recognized repository. Our evaluation process is always underway, with repositories added as often as weekly and existing coverage always under review. Through linked content and summary information, this index provides researchers with critical perspective and context that is absent when data sets or repositories are viewed in isolation. Updated weekly, this index:

  • Includes more than 4 million records from high-quality repositories worldwide
  • Features records built from descriptive metadata to create bibliographic records and cited references for digital research
  • Provides the scholarly community with standard citation formats for digital research
  • lluminates connections between primary data sets and their context, giving researchers a more complete picture of research output
  • Helps users measure the contribution of digital research in specific disciplines and identify potential collaborators
  • Enables researchers to discover and provide – or receive – credit for the creation of digital scholarly research data
  • Provides data studies from 1900 to present