Facilitating IP Practice in Scaling the Business and Reducing Admin Costs by up to 50%

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Kutak Rock LLP is a US law firm, founded in 1965 in Omaha, Nebraska, with more than 500 attorneys in 18 offices around the US serving local, regional and national clients. The Intellectual Property patent and trademark prosecution practices are largely concentrated in Omaha, Kansas City and Denver, with additional attorneys located in other offices throughout the firm.

Kutak Rock’s core IP practice includes more than 20 attorneys who focus entirely on IP matters. The practice includes nearly a dozen registered patent attorneys, and has experienced strong growth during the last 10 years. Like many firms, Kutak Rock has been impacted by the shortage of skilled paralegals, especially in IP prosecution workflows, which require a highly specialized skillset. In addition to staff retention, scaling services to rapidly meet demand and improving efficiency to provide the most cost-effective prosecution services to clients are areas of focus.

In this context, Kutak Rock selected Clarivate Analytics to provide docketing support services– including receiving US, PCT, and Foreign Patent and Trademark docketing items for processing, updating the IP docketing management database, preparing/distributing docket reports, and providing regular reminders to attorneys.

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When we were smaller, a few individuals could maintain their own docket; however, as we’ve grown, it has become increasingly necessary to have a centralized system. With our existing paralegals working overtime just to keep up with the docketing load, finding time to train new paralegals increased the burden further.

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