Clarivate solutions lead the way in the IP Management market

Clarivate™ is proud to have been awarded special recognitions in Hyperion Global Partners’ 2022 MarketView™ Report for IP Management Systems for Law Firms and Corporations.

The Hyperion Global Partners’ MarketView Report provides a review of the trends driving the IP Management market and evaluates solution providers within the Intellectual Property Management Software (IPMS) landscape. In this year’s report, all eight Clarivate IP management solutions were evaluated, with IPfolio™ and FoundationIP™ being named as Advanced Solutions for Corporations and Law Firms.

Eyal Iffergan, Managing Director of Hyperion Global Partners, notes: “Clarivate has a long history of market leadership and innovation within the IP industry. The addition of CPA Global has added to an already impressive array of IP-focused software products and services, as evidenced by the award of 7 Market Leader and 5 Highly Innovative distinctions across the Clarivate solutions in our 2022 MarketView report of IP Management Systems for Law Firms and Corporations.”

Solutions for an evolving innovation landscape

At Clarivate, we are on a mission to improve the way the world creates, protects and advances innovation. Our strategy is focused on expanding our technology and data capabilities through integrated solutions aimed at helping IP professionals manage their IP assets more effectively and efficiently.

Over the past year, we have added a range of new capabilities to help meet IP professionals’ needs for workflow integration, collaboration and efficiency. This includes the integration of CompuMark™ trademark solutions into IPfolio and FoundationIP. These trademark integrations help corporate IP departments and IP law firms keep portfolio data complete and accurate while reducing manual data entry efforts, saving time, increasing data quality and minimizing risk.

“These trademark integrations help corporate IP departments and IP law firms keep portfolio data complete and accurate while reducing manual data entry efforts, minimizing risk and increasing data quality.”

This year’s MarketView Report highlights the value of these developments for the IP Management market:

IPfolio was recognized as a market leader for its Salesforce platform maturity

As explained within the report, IPfolio was the first IP management solution to embrace IP Management on the Salesforce platform, leveraging it to deliver a unique value proposition with ever-evolving tools, capabilities and partnerships. IPfolio also received the Highly Innovative distinction for Enterprise Site Management with an “advanced set of platform tools providing centralized oversight and upgrade control over IPfolio client sites.”

FoundationIP received two market leader awards for Outside Counsel Collaboration (For Corporations) and Law Firm Approachability (For Law Firms)

Within the MarketView Report FoundationIP is described as “a market leader in cloud-based IP Management for law firms, with a well-adopted approach that speeds the time to productivity for law firm IP practices of all sizes.” FoundationIP was also recognized as Highly Innovative for Integrated Reference Management with “Integrated IDS Management capabilities that feature dynamic reference and prior art management, seamlessly supported by Clarivate’s expansive catalogue of IP reference data.”

Six other Clarivate IP management solutions were included in this year’s evaluation by Hyperion Global Partners, receiving recognition for their market strengths.

Memotech and Unycom received VendorView™ special recognitions as advanced solutions for corporations. Memotech was consistently recognized as a leading solution for maintenance and prosecution management, in addition to its remote update framework. Unycom was recognized for its sophisticated invention management and support, in addition to patent committee collaboration. Further, Inprotech was also recognized in the report for its international capabilities, designed to address the complex needs of sophisticated global law firms.

Advancing innovation in the IP industry

As the competitive landscape for IP services evolves, Clarivate is committed to helping IP professionals meet their challenges with IP data, technology and services to enable them to be more efficient, competitive and profitable. We are proud to see our solutions recognized by these influential market reports, supporting our long-term strategy to remove friction from IP management processes by connecting the IP ecosystem.

Hyperion Research conducts independent market research and advisory services for the legal industry. Their MarketView™ reports provide analysis of the Legal solution market in key segments, including solution definitions, solution provider landscape, market sizing and adoption scenarios. The complete Intellectual Property Management Systems for Law Firms and Corporations report can be purchased directly from Hyperion:

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