Celebrating women in IP: Meet our expert Pooja Pandey

Clarivate TM helps companies accelerate innovation, achieve long-term growth, and realize sustainable success. We are proud to share the wonderful stories our women IP experts, whose ingenuity and talent pave the way to major breakthroughs. Here is our next story in the series, spotlighting Pooja Pandey, Senior Director of Service Operations at Clarivate.

IP adventures beyond family legacy 

Coming from an entrepreneurial household, Pooja Pandey – a commerce graduate and an MBA in Finance and Export Management – anticipated her professional route to follow in the footsteps of her entrepreneurial family. However, as life is full of unexpected twists, a fortunate turn of events led her into the telecommunications industry.

Following decades of experience in the telecommunications industry, Pooja sought to broaden her professional horizons, and was introduced to Clarivate through an external consultant. This shift paved the way to her current role enabling large global teams to deliver expert patent services based on customers’ unique specifications – a job she thoroughly enjoys.

The crucial role of a safe work environment in nurturing success

Although Pooja’s career shift from entrepreneurship to operating within an established corporation might seem significantly different, she sees important similarities that connect her two trajectories – a dedication to forging strong connections with both customers and colleagues. Pooja says staying close to customers enables her to better understand their expectations and priorities, which in turn makes it easier to translate these priorities and expectations into the overarching goals of the entire organization.

Pooja highlights the critical importance of cultivating a safe and positive work environment. She believes that a workplace culture characterized by trust and openness fosters constructive discussions, challenges the status quo, and ultimately supports ongoing learning and development. For her, Clarivate offers an environment that is full of trust and positivity which is what matters most when nurturing success.

“Empowering colleagues around me, encouraging them to make decisions, take actions, enabling them by getting them the expert help when needed, recognizing, and rewarding them for what they have achieved, are my simple hacks to accelerate innovation and creativity”.

The growing number of women in the IP industry indicates we are headed in the right direction

Pooja observes the persistent under-representation of women in the world of IP. However, she is encouraged by the clear commitment by IP organizations to promote gender equality and diversity. The shifts in organizational practice, as well as the increasing vocal support from male colleagues who openly champion the success of their female co-workers, is a giant step in the right direction toward systemic gender equality within the industry.

For women contemplating a career in intellectual property, Pooja imparts a crucial piece of advice: set up a solid foundation by searching for the best available training. She urges women to proactively connect with colleagues, especially with senior professionals who are women, and actively look for the right mentors. Emphasizing the importance of taking calculated risks, openly discussing career aspirations, and leveraging support of fellow co-workers, Pooja underscores that fearlessness and collaboration are crucial for a successful career. As she aptly puts it, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”.

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