Celebrating women in IP: Meet our expert Milena Dimic

In light of this year’s World Intellectual Property Day, “Women and IP: Accelerating innovation and creativity”, Clarivate TM is proud to highlight the contributions of women IP experts to our mission. As a company, we strive to help companies accelerate innovation, achieve long-term growth, and realize sustainable success. Our women IP experts are an invaluable part of our trajectory. Join us in celebrating the inspiring story in the series, spotlighting Milena Dimic, Senior IP Analyst at Clarivate

Clarivate is a place of belonging

Milena found her way into the IP industry through a recommendation from a former colleague. From the start, both the industry and Clarivate piqued her interest. And as it turns out, those initial impressions turned out to be true, as Milena has been an integral part of Clarivate for four years now. Her ongoing involvement in the world of IP is driven by the continuous opportunity for learning, a quality she deeply values.

What kept Milena passionate about the IP industry has been the company culture at Clarivate. She enjoys being a part of a company where individuals share interests, fostering a sense of community beyond the business. The Colleague Resource Group which plays a crucial role in creating connections among like-minded individuals contributes to a strong sense of belonging beyond business as usual.

Milena finds this collaborative atmosphere seamlessly extends to the IP teams. Her regular weekly team meetings serve as a space for members to discuss work methodologies, and collectively brainstorm ways to enhance task efficiency. Milena says the most impactful changes stem from collaborative efforts that are aimed at improving and optimizing overall efficiency.

Women excel in the IP world

Milena observes that the role of women is becoming increasingly important and acknowledged in the IP world. She envisions an industry environment in which women will continue to gain skills and knowledge and assume even more roles within the field. The positive shift in gender diversity is evident to her not only in her IP-related research, teaching and advisory sphere, but also in what she perceives to be a growing presence of women in positions such as patent attorneys, IP lawyers, and strategists.

As more women pursue careers in the IP field, and as awareness of gender diversity expands, we will continue to see improved recognition of the value women deliver across the IP industry.  Milena advises women coming to the IP field to seek diverse professional experiences, both formal and informal training, stay up to date with industry developments and actively cultivate relationship with other experts whenever they get the chance.

She says: “Networking is a key component for success in the IP industry, so build relationships with other professionals in the field, and attend events to make connections”.

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