Celebrating women in IP: Meet our expert Katie Clapham

At ClarivateTM, our mission is to advance the success of people and organizations through transformative intelligence and trusted partnership. We are proud to spotlight our women IP experts, whose professionalism and talent make up the core fabric of our endeavour. Continuing this blog series, we present Katie Clapham, Senior Director of IP Partnerships at Clarivate.

A chance encounter with IP that led to career building expertise

Katie didn’t plan on becoming an IP expert. Her first contact with the industry happened purely by chance. She came across a local newspaper advert for a Clarivate position that caught her attention. At first, she didn’t know much about the company, but the world of IP sounded fascinating to her, and it still does almost 20 years later! Today, as Senior Director of IP Partnerships, she is extremely passionate about the field, and is always doing her best to ensure customers, internal customers and agents have a great experience when working with Clarivate.

A diversity of perspectives enhances the professional lens

Katie finds it rewarding to work with different departments within Clarivate, exploring ways for her team to optimize and deliver innovative solutions. She finds that collaborating with third-party agents is a great opportunity to enhance the efficiency and productivity of her team’s working relationships. As a professional specializing in agent partnerships, Katie recognizes the instrumental role collaboration plays in fostering creativity. She encourages and inspires her team members to embrace fresh perspectives and explore diverse approaches.

IP can inspire anyone, regardless of gender

Katie is proud to have developed her career within Clarivate, where she feels she can lend her voice alongside numerous inspirational colleagues, both men and women. She finds gender inconsequential when it comes to IP, and urges women interested in the sphere to join the industry.

“Do it! It’s a fascinating field of work. Customers will always need IP, and the IP world is always changing and growing, so there is always something to learn. You never stand still.”

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