Canada at 150: The Research Landscape takes a multifaceted approach to Canadian research

Canada Day this year will mark the 150th anniversary of Canada. All across the country this July 1st, Canadians will celebrate their history. Clarivate Analytics recently published a report highlighting several significant milestones in Canadian research throughout its 150 years.


“Canada at 150: The Canadian Research Landscape” takes a multifaceted approach to Canadian research. First, the report covers selected historical developments originating in Canada, such as scientific advances made in the fields of insulin and stem cells. Next, through bibliometric analysis, the report includes institutional and provincial analyses. Finally, thought leaders from a number of Canadian institutions were invited to give their perspectives on the current state of research in Canada and what the future may bring. These included interviews with:


  • Vivek Goel, Vice President of Research and Innovation at the University of Toronto
  • David Baker, Executive Director, CASRAI
  • Christopher Manuel, Corporate Analyst at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and
  • Yves Gingras, Scientific Director of Observatoire des Sciences et des Technologies (OST).


These experts provided their assessment of the future of Canadian research for Canada, as well as Canada’s role in the global research network.


A number of leading universities were compared using bibliometric indicators in emerging research areas, such as clean tech, next generation genomics, and quantum science. As is often seen in these analyses, the volume of research produced is not directly related to the number of citations that the research receives.  Similarly, in international collaborations, the highest category normalized citation impact was achieved with the lowest volume collaboration (≥100 papers).


You can download the full report here