The 2017 JCR Release is Here!

Clarivate Analytics is pleased to announce that the 2017 Journal Citation Reports(JCR), based on 2016 data, has been released today. The latest update to the JCR includes 11,549 total journals across 236 disciplines and 81 countries. On average, Journal Impact Factor scores increased by 9%.

Download the full infographic here >

In addition to the data, we are pleased to offer a new indicator and an enhanced interface. The interface enhancement addresses the #1 usability request from customers. Now, users’ selections on the filter panel remain visible so orientation is easy.

The new indicator, Percent Citable Items, will provide clarity around the proportion of citable items in any given journal. In the example below, 22% of the journal’s content from 2015 is composed of citable items. Additionally, 71% of its references to other journals came from its citable items.

As Clarivate Analytics, we require that references be phrased as “Journal Citation Reports” and “Journal Impact Factor,” (not just “Impact Factor”) and, the first time they are mentioned, to also be acknowledged as being from Clarivate Analytics. For example, “2016 Journal Citation Reports (Clarivate Analytics, 2017).”

The JCR data policy under Clarivate Analytics remains the same. Whenever JCR data is sampled or referenced, proper acknowledgement of the source is required, as outlined above. Wholesale sharing of JCR data outside a subscriber’s institution is strictly prohibited. Use of the JCR data for marketing, public relations, news stories, or publication as part of bibliographic or bibliometric research will require permission from Clarivate Analytics. For more information on data use, please see our Terms of Use.

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We check the surveys on a regular basis, so please be assured your feedback is heard and is valuable to us.

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