Another Round of Changes With Blocks

2017 new gTLD operator, Rightside Registry, will be changing their existing DPML blocking option. Rightside will automatically upgrade all existing Legacy” Rightside DPML blocks to “Enhanced” DPML.  Features of the enhanced option include:

  • All non-reserved premium domains will now be protected
  • No override fees
  • Only the DPML holder will be able to override the block
  • 10 additional Variants are included (common misspellings hyphens trademark+term)

Currently Rightside’s DPML block covers 40 TLDs:

.games .lawyer
.actor .live
.airforce .market
.army .moda
.attorney .mortgage
.auction .navy
.band .news
.consulting .ninja
.dance .pub
.degree .rehab
.democrat .republican
.dentist .reviews
.engineer .rip
.family .rocks
.forsale .sale
.futbol .social
.gives .software
.haus .studio
.immobilien .vet


Rightside will also raise the price of their DPML block. This price increase will also go into effect on April 17th. MarkMonitor is advising clients to renew existing Rightside DPML blocks prior to the price increase.Clients can contact their Client Services Manager to learn more about the changes with Rightside DPML block and the price increase.

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