Why risk costly IP mistakes?

Derwent Innovation (formerly Thomson Innovation) powers the IP markets. 90% of the world’s top patent filers use Derwent Innovation. More than 40 patent offices use our patent data to evaluate new patents.

Why? Only Derwent Innovation provides the comprehensive, relevant, reliable information you need to avoid risk, create commercial gain and save time. You don’t have to worry about checking multiple sources, coping with foreign languages or dealing with incomplete records.


The World's best data

In Derwent Innovation access the most trusted global patent data and scientific literature with powerful capabilities to perform analysis and collaborate efficiently. Powered by the Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI), you get the most comprehensive patent solution covering more than 50 patent issuing authorities, with English translations from 30 languages. Each patent is classified according to our unique classification system of technical sections and classes, making it easier and faster to find and retrieve relevant patents.

Ownership and Legal Status predictive data

Derwent’s 50 years of leadership in patent-smart technology and processes continues. We are applying innovative artificial intelligence to Derwent’s enhanced patent data, to provide accurate and transparent information about ownership and legal status across millions of patents in Derwent Innovation.

This data helps to reduce risk and improve efficiency – for example, informing FTO opinions with accurate dead / alive status and expiration date, undertaking due diligence into licensing and M&A opportunities, or evaluating IP portfolios.

Combine your data and ours

Using Custom Fields in Derwent Innovation you can define and set up fields unique to your organization and tag DWPI patent records with your internal data including classifications, ratings, product and licensing data.

All of this data can be used to search against, analyze and report on the relationships between your data and associated patent records in Derwent Innovation.

More accurate and relevant search results

Smart Search
Patent-pending Smart Search allows all users to search with ease and confidence. Simply enter a few terms or a block of text like an invention disclosure, patent or other full-length text document and our patent-pending Smart Search does the rest. You save the time of manually reading and identifying keywords and get the industry’s most relevant results. Derwent Innovation is for casual users and power users alike.

See how to find patents similar to existing documents using Smart Search


See beyond the data
Powerful analysis and visualization tools let you transform large volumes of data into actionable information. You can simplify complex patent information with Results Dashboard. It’s an easy-to- understand, interactive visual filter that lets you tell a story with a snapshot – and share it easily with your organization. For more in-depth analysis, ThemeScape interactive topographical maps let you see the bird’s-eye view and zoom down to see specific technologies, time slices or discover potential threats and partners.

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Why take a chance?
Luck is not a strategy - not using Derwent Innovation means you risk leaving yourself open to making costly IP mistakes. Derwent Innovation is powering the innovation lifecycle from idea to commercialization - providing more accurate and more relevant search results than the competition, ensuring you don’t miss a thing.

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