Analyze top research output and research fronts

Essential Science Indicators℠ reveals emerging science trends as well as influential individuals, institutions, papers, journals, and countries in your field of research

Essential Science Indicators can determine the influential individuals, institutions, papers, publications, and countries in their field of study — as well as emerging research areas that could impact their work. This unique and comprehensive compilation of science performance statistics and science trends data is based on journal article publication counts and citation data from Web of Science™.

Conduct on-going, quantitative analyses of research performance and trends in science. Rank top scientists, institutions, countries, and journals in 22 specific fields of research based on journal article publication counts and citation data.

Features & Benefits

  • Analyze research performance of individuals, companies, institutions, nations, and journals
  • Identify significant trends in the sciences and social sciences
  • Rank top countries, journals, scientists, papers, and institutions by field of research
  • Determine research output and impact in specific fields of research

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