Unified ScholarOne login via Web of Science

In the coming year, ScholarOne will be integrating with Web of Science’s identity provider (1P) to offer a single login for ScholarOne users.

  • ScholarOne users can create or use an existing Web of Science account, to which they can link one or more of their S1M accounts
  • Once accounts are linked, a user will only need to log in using Web of Science credentials to gain access to their S1 accounts
  • All ScholarOne accounts across sites and publishers can be linked to a single Web of Science account – meaning that a ScholarOne user will only need one set of credentials to access all their ScholarOne accounts

In coming months, through a phased rollout, ScholarOne will begin enabling the “Log in using Web of Science” option on journal sites, which will offer a SSO solution to S1M end users. This log-in is similar to other social log-ins one would use elsewhere (e.g. Google or Facebook), utilizing the Web of Science’s freemium account as the point of authentication.

This log-in method will be launched as optional and will provide pathways to either register a new Web of Science account or log in with an existing one. From there, the authentication process will prompt users to validate and link an existing S1M account. This can be done on every site for which a user has a ScholarOne account.

With the launch of Web of Science login, we will be sunsetting the Log in with ORCID option from ScholarOne sites. However, using your ORCID account as an authentication method for your Web of Science account is an available alternative; simply click the “Connect your ORCID” button when registering or signing in to your Web of Science account.

NOTE: This is the first phase in a multi-phased plan for a full migration of the ScholarOne authentication process to a single unified account. For more information on plans and timelines, please contact your customer success manager or your usual ScholarOne contact.