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Clarivate Analytics partnered with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to host the Chinese Science Citation Database™ on the Web of Science™.  Over 1,200 journals and 5.2 million records back to 1989  provides bibliographic information and citations to articles in the core science and engineering journals published in the People’s Republic of China.  

The Chinese Science Citation Database was the first non-English product available within Web of Science. Web of Science now supports Unicode — expanding search capabilities beyond English to character languages and empowering Chinese Science Citation Database and other Web of Science Core Collection™ users with new customization options.  

When connected to the multidisciplinary citations on the Web of Science platform, the Chinese Science Citation Database becomes so much more.  Nearly every discovery is influenced by earlier research, both in its subject area and in related fields, and a publication can have significant influence and impact on other research after is has been published. No other platform has a full citation network to accurately and confidently connect you to the highest quality multidisciplinary research. 

Chinese Science Citation Database coverage:

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    Over 1,200 Chinese Journals
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    Over 5.2 Million records back to 1989
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    Track Chinese research trends, top authors, institutions, journals, and more​
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    Determine if papers written about your discipline are available in Chinese​
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    Search in Chinese or English​
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    Discover if you've been cited in China​
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    Produce high quality papers that reflect global trends and research​
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    Trace national and international research community interactions​
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    Identify qualified collaborators, reviews, editors and authors​
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    Discover pockets of activity and centers of excellence

Why use Chinese Science Citation Database on Web of Science?

Broader citation connections

Only on Web of Science can you track citation impact  for Chinese Science Citation Database’s indexed articles and easily navigate to all citing articles across the Web of Science platform. 

Connect to the Core Collection

Connect Chinese Science Citation Database to Web of Science Core Collection – the world’s only true citation index – with over 21,000 carefully selected journals and over 1.5 billion citation connections across the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. 

‘All Database’ searching

Run an ‘All Database’ search to include Chinese Science Citation Database alongside your institution’s full Web of Science subscription to see everything in your subject specialty and beyond 

Access trusted full text

Easily identify, filter and access Open Access articles in Chinese Science Citation Database, and get one-click access to Open Access and subscribed articles with Kopernio™.  

Visual results analysis

Explore trends and gain unique insights into your search results with Web of Science’s intuitive visual analysis tool. 

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