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Modern day research isn’t confined to the lab or desk.

Whether you’re on the move or rely on wireless networks to carry out your work, you need to keep up to date with the world’s leading research and be able to easily connect and collaborate remotely.

My Research Assistant (MyRA) BETA is a  new mobile app that brings the power of the Web of Science™ to your mobile phone or device, so you’re equipped wherever inspiration strikes.


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Stay up to date 



Quickly search and save research from the world’s leading journals.


Create a curated feed of research on the topics you care about.


Get notifications of new articles from trustworthy, vetted sources.


Easily understand who funds research on your topic.

Stay connected 

Easily share articles and journals with your colleagues. 

Save time



Focus on content from vetted sources worth your time and attention.


Make a quick reading list you can add to any time.


Access the content you care about with one tap of the screen.


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